We are the sum of our memories, which , of course , is something that fractionates and fragments in various forms of dementia.
Memory is notoriously fallible. It’s not cast in stone . It’s not something that is stable. It’s constantly reshaping itself.
We have multitude of unconscious processes that are generating this coherence of consciousness , which is the “I” experience ,and the truth that our memories are selective and ultimately corruptible-We tend to remember things that fit with our general characterization of what ourself is.
We tend to ignore all the information that is inconsistent. We have all these attribution biases. We have cognitive dissonance. We all have these unconcious mechanisms that reframe information, to fit with a coherent story, then both the “I” and the “me” to all intents and purposes , are generated narratives.

As the person loses the capacity to retrieve memories, or the memories become distorted, then the identity of the person , the personality , can be changed , among other things. But certainly the memories are very important.


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