Nature and culture certainly combine in some ways.
It’s not that nature is over here and culture is over there and they both are pulling us in different directions.Rather nature made us for culture.The human aspects of evolution,were adaptations to enable us to have this new and better kind of social life, namely culture.
Culture is a new and better way of relating to each other,based on shared information and division of labor,interlocking roles and things like that. It’s how we solve the problems of survival.
Morality is the set of rules that enable people to live together. It serves the purpose of making the culture work, as culture depends on cooperating with each other-there’s trust,shared assumptions,things like that.
Although nature and culture are working together,there are some conflicts;in particular nature’s made us,at least in a very basic way,selfish.The brain is selfish,and maybe it’s the selfish gene,not the selfish individual,or whatever.But there’s still a natural selfishness,whereas culture needs people to overcome this to some degree,because we have to cooperate with others and to do things that are detrimental to our short-term,and even our long-term,self-interest. Inorder for culture to work,we have to keep our promises,we have to wait for our turn.But these are the sorts of things that mortality promotes,to try to get people to overcome thier natural selfish impulses,to do things that make the system work. And that benifits everyone in the long run.


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