The central thing I think about is our nature,our human-animal nature, our being in this world.
At the present time , we actually can’t give any satisfactory explanations about the nature of human experience in terms of the functioning of the brain.
We are not our brain.We have a brain,yes.
But we are living being that is connected to an enviroment ;we are embodied ,and dynamically interacting the world. We can’t explain consciousness in terms of the brain alone because consciousness doesn’t happens in the brain alone.
We make certain assumptions ,take certain things for granted.
We take for granted that thinking , feeling ,wanting , consciousness in general is something that happens inside of us.
We take for granted that the world ,and the rest of our body,matters for consciousness only as a source of casual impingement on what is happening inside of us.
Action has no more intimate connection to thought ,feeling,consciousnessand experience.
We tend to assume that we are fundamentally intellectual-that the thing inside of us which thinks and feels and decides is,in it’s basic nature , a problem solver, a calculator ,a something whose nature is to figure out what there is and what we ought to do in light of what is coming in.
We should reject the idea that the mind is something inside of us that is basically matter of just a calculating machine.
There is nothing inside us that thinks and feels and is conscious. Consciousnness is not something that happens in us.It’s something we do.
The human consciousness is something we enact or achieve ,in motion, as a way of being part of a larger process .


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