Why Do Humans Reason?

There’s a puzzle which not solved yet i.e. why are humans so amazingly bad at reasoning in some contexts,and so amazingly good in others?
Why do people sometimes do worse when we tell them to think about a problem or reason through it,than if we don’t give them any special instructions?
Why is the confirmation bias,in particular-this is the most damaging one of all-so ineradicable?That is,why do people automatically search for evidence to support whatever they start off believing,and why it is impossible to train them to undo that?It’s almost impossible.
And finally,why is reasoning so biased and motivated whenever self-intrest or self-presentation are at stake? Wouldn’t it be adaptive to know the truth in social situations,before we try to manipulate?
Nobody has found a way to teach critical thinking that gets people to automatically reflect on.
The problem is especially serious in our morality,where we all care so deeply and personally about what is right and wrong,and where we are almost all politically liberal.We have a very,very biased field,which means we don’t have the diversity to really be able to challenge each other’s confirmation biases on a number of matters.
Morality is like the Matrix i.e. it is based on the cultural,social,or political enviroment.
It’s a consensual hallucination. And if we only hang out with people who share our matrix,then we can be quite certain that,together,we will find a lot of evidence to support our matrix,and to condemn members of other matrices.
Reasoning wasn’t designed to persue the truth.Reasoning was designed to by evolution to help us win arguements.
Reasoning falls quite short of reliably delivering rational beliefs and rational decisions.It may detrimental to rationality.Reasoning can lead to poor outcomes,not because humans are bad at it,but because they systematically strive for arguments that justify their beliefs or their actions.
We do reuse our reasoning abilities.We can reuse our argumentative reasoning for many purposes.But it shows the marks of its heritage.Our thought processes tend toward confirmation of our own ideas.
Science works very well as a social process,when we can come together and find flaws in each other’s reasoning.We can’t find the problems in our own reasoning very well.But that’s what other people are for-to criticize us.And together,we hope the truth comes out.
Reasoning can be counted on to seek justification and not truth!!



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